Thanks for stopping by. My name is Rich Schumacher, and Chicago, IL is where you can find me. 

I am a Marketing Professional, who has assisted businesses in developing and executing digital marketing strategies that inspire growth. I consider my approach to be against the grain; allowing me to help companies step out of their comfort zones and in front of new audiences.

My skills prove to be quite versatile, as they range from digital design to copywriting, all the way to the distribution of content through various channels. Being a hands-on individual has lead me down this road, allowing me to take projects from the concept stage, through completion. Truly a jack of all trades in the world of Marketing. 

I am extremely passionate about cars, food, travel, and family (something you'll notice when you view my profile). Fortunately for me, I've had the pleasure of working with or around all four of those 'things'. Are you passionate about those as well? Well, then there's a solid chance we should be working together too.  

If you're looking to learn more about me, drop me a line.