Photography + Videography
Photography + Videography
Photography + Videography

Automotive // Content // Still and Motion 


Production-Video Content Series

Executive Producer and Associate Director - Xtreme Xperience: Educational Video Content Series, Behind The Wheel. This video is an individual segment of the series. 

Production-Web series

Executive Producer and Host - Xtreme Xperience Vlog. 

Episode Description: Create a show around a visit to a fast food restaurant in an exotic car. 


Testing the all new SONY A7riii at 120fps

Quick and dirty cut of 120fps footage shot and edited by me. This sequence was not color graded and was shot in S-Log 3. 

Gone In 60 Seconds Calendar Launch - Xtreme Xperience

We recreated a scene from one of our favorite movies, Gone In 60sec to launch Xtreme Xperience's event tour. 

Associate Director // Producer // Actor: Rich Schumacher

Videographer: Andres J Martin