The Best Day of Our Lives!


On November 24th, 2018 Leti married Rich. What a day to remember!

For years we talked about how ‘one day, if we were to ever get married, that we would want it to be on a beach with our closest friends and family.’

Little did we know that some odd years later, we would end up in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. After a previous visit, we spoke to Kristina at Perennial Weddings, and the ball just kept rolling!

We had the most amazing group of friends and family join us in Costa Rica, where we hosted 25 guests at the secluded and scenic venue, Pangas Beach Club. The simple yet elegant (and rather emotional) ceremony & reception overlooked Tamarindo Bay, as we celebrated beside a bonfire beneath a canopy of trees, hanging lights and bright stars.


It’s almost difficult to describe. To help paint the picture of our big day, watch our wedding highlight video.

Thanks to Sylvia Guardia Photography and CR Cinematography for capturing our wedding.

A perfect day to get married in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

If you watched the video (above), then it’s easy to see how much happiness we shared with everyone throughout the day. Even though we were nervous as can be, once everything kicked off, we were amazed to find out everything went off without a hitch!

Like all good weddings, there are thousands of moments and memories to capture. Our photographers did an amazing job covering the wedding from every angle. Below you will find a gallery of photos we selected for you to swipe through in order to get a glimpse behind the scenes of our wedding day/night.

If you’d like to download a hi-resolutions of a photo, just let us know! We can give you a link to the online album where you can do just that, and more.

Our Ceremony

As you could assume, our ceremony was short and sweet so that our guests could get back to enjoying their time at Pangas. However, we found a way to keep them all in their seats for about 17min while nervously told the world that we love each other in every which way possible. If you’re interested in seeing the entire ceremony, click play on the video below.


To all those who made it or provided us with a gift, we sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
- Leti & Rich Schumacher

Special thanks to our wedding coordinating team and Photo & Video crew for helping us pull everything together.